9 keys to mentoring in teacher professional development

By: | January 11, 2019

New Mexico state law requires every beginning teacher to receive mentoring during their provisional year before obtaining a permanent license. Albuquerque Public Schools, the Albuquerque Teachers Federation and the University of New Mexico’s College of Education launched a mentoring program in 2004 with nine tenets:

  1. Serve all first-year licensed teachers.
  2. Differentiate mentoring differentiated by need.
  3. Mentor teachers continue to teach in their own classrooms.
  4. Provide a consistent model for mentoring.
  5. Develop mentoring standards.
  6. Align mentoring with state and federal mandates and guidelines.
  7. Support the principals who are implementing the program.
  8. Offer a mentor-the-mentor component.
  9. Include a research, evaluation and tracking system to document mentoring outcomes.

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