Partnership to improve communication and streamline tools

May 15, 2019 | Speakap/Education Revolution, LLC

Education Revolution, LLC, the creator of the award-winning Socrates Learning Platform, announced a technology partnership with Speakap, the provider of branded communication platforms that enable organizations to have secure, internal, two-way dialogue.

The platform’s successful deployment in schools has demonstrated the opportunity to improve communication between teachers, parents, and administrators. Through this partnership, the communication tools are able to work in conjunction with the current school communications networks while allowing seamless multi-organizational communication. Due to risks related to traditional social platforms, schools have historically had reservations about deploying communication solutions. Education Revolution’s partnership with Speakap will allow Socrates to provide the powerful social features that schools seek within a private communication and engagement platform, creating streamlined tools that improve communication throughout the school.

“Adding Speakap’s private social platform capabilities to our educational offering allows for our teaching tools to become part of a sophisticated communication network that uses modern communication techniques without exposing information to the public,” stated Dr. Ralph Thomas co-founder and President of Socrates. He continued, “Socrates provides powerful information to teachers, parents, and administrators. Using the Speakap’s communication platform, users will be able to share and act upon that information to improve educational outcomes and create a strong culture within the schools.”

“Socrates is an innovative and powerful solution that helps improve the learning experience and results for teachers and students,” Erwin Van Der Vlist, co-founder and CEO of Speakap shared. “The incredible reporting provided by Socrates gives users more reason to share information and results between classrooms and within schools. The need to share relevant and meaningful information across organizations was the inspiration behind our product. We are excited to partner with Socrates to bring our communication platform to schools in the United States and Mexico,” said Van Der Vlist.

About Speakap

Speakap provides branded communication platforms that enable companies to have structured dialogue with their frontline, to support and inform their deskless workers from anywhere at any time. The company’s innovative solution, available on both mobile and desktop, connects workforces and empowers employees to provide optimal customer experiences. From messaging and news items to private groups and events, Speakap provides businesses the opportunity to deliver relevant and timely content to their workforces and supports both business growth and employee retention. Founded in 2011, Speakap has partnered with more than 400 organizations around the globe across various industries – such as hospitality, retail, manufacturing, and more – and has locations in New York, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Cologne, and Brussels. More information can be found at

About the Socrates Learning Platform for Schools

Socrates is a revolutionary learning platform that dynamically adjusts to the individual learning needs of each student across any educational content. Socrates is already deployed in elementary and middle schools. Socrates is directly available to students, teachers, schools, parents/guardians (including for homeschooling), libraries and museums. Socrates includes various “Command Centers”, including the Teacher Command Center that provides a powerful teacher assistant that lets teachers know when and where each student needs help. The Testing and Benchmarking Module allows teachers to automatically create, administer, grade and compare tests to quickly and with-ease evaluate student progress. The Parent & Tutor Command Center connects the home and classroom. Socrates games and gamification keep the child wanting to play more – the more they play, the more they learn.

About Education Revolution, LLC

Education Revolution, LLC is rapidly becoming a leader in online education with its award-winning Socrates Learning Platform. The Platform is already being used in elementary and middle schools and the range of educational content provided is steadily growing. Socrates includes a unique dynamic learning engine that adjusts the content to precisely match the learning needs of each student, resulting in students learning up to three times faster. The National Science Foundation awarded Socrates with a grant in recognition of its unique innovation and significant societal benefit.

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