6 ways educators and policymakers can ensure equity in testing during covid-19

By: | September 15, 2020

Tests have great meaning for the students and adults in the education system. Technocratic language about tests does not — especially this school year.

The following recommendations for policymakers, district leaders and educators will help maximize the power of tests to support all children through and beyond this school year.

  1. Use State Exams and Stay the Course with NAEP- State standardized exams and the NAEP tests (National Assessment of Education Progress) help stakeholders and policymakers understand if kids are on track – and where they are falling behind. Policymakers and leaders can make informed decisions about allocating resources and support only by understanding the academic progress of students around their state. Additionally, state exams can be used early in the school year as diagnostics to help districts design instructional support as kids reengage in school.

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