3 tools for reopening schools with equity and advocacy

How educators and communities collaborate to better understand students' distinct needs
By: | May 19, 2021

The equitable spending of American Rescue Plan funds could rely on superintendents and their teams working closely with community leaders, education advocates say.

The Alliance for Resource Equity, a joint project of The Education Trust and Education Resource Strategies, has developed a series of tools to help educators and communities collaborate to better understand students’ distinct needs.

Here are the thee three resources for developing school plans:

The Education Combination: Drawing on the experiences of teachers and students, this guidebook covers 10 “dimensions” to unlock more equitable experiences for all students.

The dimensions include school funding, teacher diversity, leadership and rigorous content.

Resource Equity Diagnostic: This tool helps education leaders work with advocates to identify the state of equity in their districts.

It then highlights how to make improvements in each of the 10 dimensions in “The Education Combination.” It also includes a sample meeting agenda.

Resource Equity Guidebooks: These resources delve deeper into each of the 10 dimensions. The first three guides focus on school funding, teaching quality and diversity, and school-leadership.