3 Key Strategies to Promote Positive Mental Health for School Staff

Date of broadcast: Wed, 02/10/21
A District Administration Web Seminar

The pandemic has created very difficult times for students and staff. Michele Gay, co-founder, Safe and Sound Schools and Dr. Scott Poland, international suicide prevention expert, discuss the dire predictions of suicides among teens and adults and why it’s imperative to put good support mechanisms in place to care for staff. As the saying goes, “Take care of yourself first, so you can take care of others.”

Join us for this critical conversation with key takeaways, including:

    • Specific guidance on how to develop a self-care plan for staff
    • Learn how to recognize the warning signs of suicide
    • Know how to get help for a suicidal individual


Dr. Scott Poland
Professor at the College of Psychology
Director of the Suicide and Violence Prevention Office
NSU Florida

Michele Gay
Safe and Sound Schools

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