How to Successfully Transition to the Common Core for Math

The Common Core State Standards for mathematics call for student understanding on a conceptual level, to grasp the foundational concepts behind math procedures. Transitioning to teaching this mathematical way of thinking will require new tools and methods.

Attend this web seminar to participate in a discussion on best practices for implementing the Common Core for math, and learn from a case study of the 51,000-student Howard County (Md.) Public School System, where administrators created a phased Common Core transition plan, with a feedback and support system as well as a portal of online tools and resources for teachers and administrators.

Topics will include:

  • Key differences in the CCSS for math
  • How to successfully prepare administrators, teachers and students for the transition
  • The new tools available that can help teach students a deeper, more conceptual understanding of math

Scheduled speakers:
Francis “Skip” Fennell
L. Stanley Bowlsbey Chair of Education, Graduate and Professional Studies
McDaniel College (Md.)

John SanGiovanni
Instructional Facilitator, Elementary Mathematics
Howard County (Md.) Public School System

Who will benefit:
District and school administrators interested in transitioning to the Common Core for math. Anyone may attend.

Date of broadcast: 
Thursday, June 6, 2013
2:00 pm EST