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Baltimore County board approves $205 million tech contract

The seven-year implementation plan to put laptops/tablets in the hands of all Baltimore County school students starting this fall cleared a hurdle when the school board approved a $205 million contract.

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California naval air station schools open high-tech fitness rooms for kids

Courtesy of an $800,000 Department of Defense grant, two Lemoore Naval Air Station elementary schools have been able to build ‘Healthy Fitness’ indoor workout facilities with high-tech gaming systems designed to motivate and get kids moving.

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N.Y. lawmakers seek support for career and tech high school diploma

The 21st Century Education Initiative would overhaul the current diploma standard within the Board of Regents and the Department of Education. Two bills have been proposed to create a new specialized career and technical diploma, which will train students to fill manufacturing and high-tech jobs in New York.

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Ala. bill would let home-school students attend career tech

A proposed bill would allow home school and private school students to access public high schools’ career technical programs and extracurricular activities. Allowing non-traditional students into career tech programs will cost the local schools about $144 per student.

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Area schools to partner with new Chicago digital manufacturing lab

Local schools, including Barrington High School and Lake County High School's Technology Campus, have now signed on as partners in the new digital manufacturing and design institute to be built in Goose Island, Chicago. A multi-partner team led by UI Labs will receive $320 million from the U.S. Department of Defense and from industry, government and community partners.

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Next gen science enters new dimension

A new approach to assessing students’ three-dimensional learning should give teachers a clearer picture of the reasoning their students are using to grasp science concepts. This more intensive assessment will be a critical tool for schools implementing the Next Generation Science Standards to boost STEM scores.

Schools learn to outsmart ADHD

When students are diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), tactics that were once excluded from the classroom are now considered a valid option for helping them focus and learn. One approach involves using software and online tools to help students improve key skills.

Repair? Refresh? Recycle? Replace?

Many districts do not realize that making the initial investment in school technology is only phase one. Within several years, they must wrestle with a quandary that all 1-to-1 programs eventually face: What to do when devices become outdated or need repairs.

Money for Utah school equalization shifted to tech initiative

Senators approved taking possibly hundreds of millions of dollars that were targeted to help equalize funding for schools around the state over the next four years, and earmarked it instead for a drive to put more technology in schools.

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New all-digital curriculums hope to ride high-tech push in schoolrooms

English-language curriculums built entirely on a digital platform are about to enter the market, with promises that they will change the nature of classroom learning. While some teachers are reluctant to commit to a curriculum from just one provider, some observers also question whether digital tools would enhance literacy more than superficially.

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