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Students in a Sodexo-run “Kids Way Cafe” cafeteria chose from a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. All furniture and food are designed with bright primary colors, which can entice young children to eat up.
Kylie Lacey
For some districts, outsourcing may be the answer
Coming this fall, students at six of the nation’s largest urban districts will be served lunch on round plates made of biodegradable sugar cane.
Alison DeNisco
Big districts banding together to buy biodegradable trays made of sugar cane
Students at Valley Christian School in San Jose, Calif., buy healthy snacks like coconut water, unsalted nuts and fresh fruit, from a high-tech HUMAN Healthy Vending machine.
Kylie Lacey
Maximize profits with favorable contracts, new technology, and healthier products
Rico Griffone
Administrators can drive the change to healthy eating.