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Alison DeNisco
Incoming mayor Bill de Blasio says he plans to charge charters rent for using public school buildings
Diane Ravitch, once a top supporter of testing and school choice, is now leading the fight against those policies.
Tim Goral
Her latest book, "Reign of Error," argues against testing, the charter school movement, and federally driven mandates
The former District of Columbia public school building was constructed in 1950 as a segregated public school
Alison DeNisco
To accommodate the wide age range of its students, the 147,000-square-foot building has multiple entrances and walking routes for student
Students in the Samuel J. Green Charter School listen to a math lesson. As part of the “portfolio” strategy, dozens of independent local and national organizations operate charter schools in the district.
Kurt Eisele-Dyrli
The reborn New Orleans school system has made significant improvements, but a long road lies ahead