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Providing a more open campus

Hempfield is one of three Pennsylvania school districts sharing online courses.

Online Credit Recovery for High School Students

McGraw-Hill, ePals Expand K12 Collaborative Learning Opps

McGraw-Hill Education has formed a collaboration with education media company ePals Corporation that will allow teachers and students to connect with peers in more than 200 countries to participate in global learning activities.

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Moore County (N.C.) Officials Cautious about Funding Digital Learning

Moore County commissioners seem inclined to pay for part of the school system's digital learning initiative, but they want to see results before committing to future funding. At the commissioners' critical issues summit Thursday, they indicated they want the school system to pay for more of the effort.

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Georgia District's Online Coursework Supports Rigorous Standards

The first thing Bartow County Virtual Academy students learn is that online classes aren’t as easy as A, B, C. They’re also not for everyone. Those also were early lessons for district administrators who opened the academy in January 2012 to 50 students in a former high school located an hour northwest of Atlanta.

Preparing for Online Learning

Right now, 31 states allow purely online schools, of which about 275,000 students attended in the 2011-2012 school year, according to “Keeping Pace with K12 Online and Blended Learning,” an annual report from the Evergreen Education Group, which works with districts to improve education outcomes through digital learning.

Online Coursework at Georgia School District Supports Rigorous Standards

Aventa Learning by K12 provides challenging courses for Bartow County school

School Technology Integral to Student Success

To understand how the proposed May 7 technology levy would work for Billings K8 students, let’s take a look at how the high school technology levy that voters approved three years ago is working.

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Preparing for Online Teaching

Web-based assessment and communication skills in K12.

Some Great Sites for Learning Online

Online learning is all the rage nowadays as many students choose to stay at home to study rather than attend a physical school which is a block or two away from their homes. Online learning is indeed accessible especially for those who do not have the luxury of time to travel and study in a classroom set-up. Here are some of highly-recommended e-learning sites.

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