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Discovery Education celebrates Earth Day with digital content collection

Discovery Education has created a special Earth Day collection of videos, images and articles through Discovery Education Streaming and Streaming Plus. The resources teach students about environmental conservation, sustainability and other science topics.

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit challenging Alabama Accountability Act

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit challenging the Alabama Accountability Act and said the public school students who filed the suit failed to prove the legislation treats them unequally. The law allows students in failing public schools to transfer to non-failing schools or private schools while their parents get tax credits to cover the cost.

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Business feedback puts seventh graders on technical job track

In suburban Minneapolis, seventh graders will soon start building skills for local technical jobs that may be open to them when they finish school. The Anoka-Hennepin School District is updating its seventh-grade technology curriculum to better suit the needs of local businesses.

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‘12 Years a Slave’ to become high school curriculum

Program offers schools copies of the 2014 Best Picture winner, the book it’s based on and a study guide. The curriculum, which will be distributed in September, is well-suited to history and English courses.

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Leading turnaround in Massachusetts

Pia Durkin took the reins as superintendent of New Bedford Public Schools, one of the lowest-performing districts in Massachusetts, this past July. She is leading a massive turnaround plan for the city’s high school that will require 50 percent of the faculty to be replaced, with all teachers having to reapply for their jobs.

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Creating tech-savvier teachers

Decades into the computer revolution, many teachers still lack the training needed to use technology effectively in the classroom, according to a new survey. It’s a major problem as schools are investing more in devices and blended learning to improve student achievement, experts say.

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Grades are in: Digital learning gets more state attention

States are passing legislation to improve technology use in K12 classrooms, having debated more than 450 digital learning bills and having signed 132 into law last year, according to the Digital Learning Report Card 2013.

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Safety planning: How to prepare for the worst

With violent events seemingly on the rise in schools across the country, district leaders must develop fluid and thorough safety plans. To address the variety of individual circumstances that may accompany these events, fluidity must be coupled with practice and engagement.

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Moving beyond “one size fits all” professional development

Differentiating instruction to meet individual students’ needs is one of the biggest challenges for any teacher. In the same way, differentiating professional development to meet the needs of individual teachers is one of the biggest challenges for any school district.

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More states allowing armed school staff

In 2013, 21 states strengthened gun laws to require trigger-locking devices and background checks for private sales. At the same time, the National Rifle Association made a public push to allow more security guards or staff members to carry guns in schools, after 40 to 60 hours of firearms training.