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STEAM reaches Florida schools

A new initiative at four Brevard Public Schools is adding "art" to science education. They are all rolling out new magnet programs in STEAM, or Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

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New York City schools chancellor details education initiatives

Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña on Saturday called for a “back-to-basics approach” to educating New York City’s 1.1 million public school students, and said she would work to reduce class sizes, curb the use of suspensions and pair more local universities and cultural institutions with public schools.

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More Cleveland students could attend private schools with vouchers under House plan

The GOP-led House voted mostly along party lines Wednesday to allow students living within Cleveland city boundaries to obtain an EdChoice Scholarship if the Cleveland Scholarship Program is full.

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Can traditional schools learn to play well with charters?

After decades of adhering to a top-down bureaucratic paradigm, New Jersey is one of many states that is starting to develop a diversified model of education delivery. Instead of a one-size-fits-all system, we’re evolving toward a portfolio of options for students that includes both traditional schools and independent public charters.

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All Los Angeles schools should have good teachers

The issue of who gets laid off at low-income schools goes to the heart of whether the students with the greatest needs, because of poverty and language barriers, will be taught by excellent teachers.

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Do students still have free speech in school?

Social media has eroded young people's privacy—and advocates are trying to win it back.

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New superintendent merited Ohio district school board's only interview

His qualifications and experience were so exceptional, new Fairview Park City Schools Superintendent Geoffrey Andrews was the only candidate interviewed by the Board of Education. More than 30 people applied for the position, but it was one and done once board members met him in person.

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Colorado principal honored for turning around elementary school

Doris Candelarie's success at Sanchez Elementary School in Boulder Valley, Colo. recently earned her the title of 2014 Colorado National Distinguished Principal of the Year. The award, given by the Colorado Association of Elementary School Principals, honors elementary principals who have exhibited "extraordinary leadership, commitment to their students and staff, service to the communities, and contributions to the overall profession."

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Madison schools chief admits error in elementary school shake-up

Madison School District superintendent Jennifer Cheatham concedes that administrators made mistakes in acting to remove a respected African-American teacher from a leadership position at a struggling southwest side elementary school.

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Performance Matters adds enhancements to the FASTe Observer

To help districts simplify the observation process for teacher evaluations, Performance Matters has added new enhancements to the FASTe Observer classroom observation tool. The newly released version includes an enhanced user interface.