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Three schools to be closed in Syracuse, N.Y.

A high school and an elementary school will be shut down or drastically changed under New York Education Department rules. Both schools failed to raise academic performance over the last three years despite intensive state help. The state also is replacing a second elementary school with the new Syracuse Latin School.

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Maryland school is the recipient of a $7 million grant

President Obama announced a $7 million grant to Bladensburg High School, part of a larger effort by the administration to help U.S. students catch up with the rest of the world in college and career training. The award is a piece of the $107 million Youth CareerConnect grant program.

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New study shows sexual harassment and violence in middle school

A new study from American Educational Research Association indicates that middle school youth have experienced a wide range of upsetting sexual violence experiences that seem to be unaddressed by adults in these schools.

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Little correlation between education spending and academic improvements

According to a new study from the CATO Institute, there has been essentially no correlation between what states have spent on education and their measured academic outcomes. It seems America's educational productivity appears to have stagnated, as least as measured by the NAEP and SAT.

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Defying national trend, Minnesota increases gifted programs

The number of full-time academic programs for gifted students has grown substantially in Minnesota over the past 10 years—a rare case amid a lack of federal funding and recent cuts to similar programs nationwide.

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21st-century sight to see

Students at Central Union Elementary School District, located on a California military base, are using 21st-century technology in an unexpected place: gym class. Two schools built “fitness zones,” complete with games such as Dance Dance Revolution and SMART Trainers, in which students hit a wall of illuminated moving targets with hands, feet, beanbags or sports balls.

Charter purchases over 300 refurbished laptops through Mac to School

Working with Mac to School, California's Academy of Arts and Sciences administrators were able to save the charter school $245,000 by purchasing more than 350 refurbished MacBooks.

Weld North acquires Imagine Learning and Truenorthlogic

Weld North Holdings has acquired a 100 percent interest in two Utah-based companies. Imagine Learning designs and develops language and literacy software for struggling readers, early childhood students and the English-language learner student population. Truenorthlogic is SaaS-based K12 talent management provider.

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"Defensible Teacher Evaluation" and other reading picks for district leaders

Recommended reading this month includes books on how teachers can use data, the implementation of mobile learning, and techniques for teaching students critical communications skills.

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On Topic: Testing the limits of testing

Journalist Anya Kamenetz says the fallout from test scores goes deeper than most realize. “It really only takes one school to be threatened with closing to destabilize an entire urban district,” she says. Her upcoming book, "The Test," is an analysis of educational assessment.