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Chicago mulls privatizing 3 more schools

Amidst community protests, Chicago's school board will consider turning three academically troubled schools over to a private operator, the Academy for Urban School Leadership. Concerns are especially high In North Lawndale, where over 60 percent of its 22 public schools are already privately run.

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Georgia law allows guns in some school zones

The new law signed by Georgia's governor will allow the carrying of firearms by an authorized official of a school, local board of education or educational institution. Included are provisions that allow residents who have concealed carry permits to take guns into some bars, churches, government buildings and certain areas of airports.

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Casio mixes math and music in new Fostering Mathematics book

Casio America has announced the launch of Fostering Mathematical Thinking Through Music, a new volume in its Fostering Education book series.

Rethink announces addition of Student Activity Center

A new interface for children has been launched by Rethink. The Student Activity Center is a special education performance management system that features computer-based activities aligned with the platform's curriculum, reporting, and progress monitoring tools.

Florida voluntary preK scores rise with Robert-Leslie Publishing curriculum

Manatee Community Action Agency, home of Manatee County’s Head Start Voluntary Pre-K, is attributing the increased preK readiness rates in a majority of its schools over the past three years to Robert-Leslie Publishing's InvestiGator Club Prekindergarten Learning System curriculum.

Teachscape introduces online ELA and literacy courses

Teachscape Learn Professional Learning Suite is Teachscape's newest offering. In addition to its online courses about the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, the Common Core Series in Teachscape Learn now has new video-based, self-paced courses on the CCSS for English Language Arts and Literacy.

VINCI Education launches Elementary Math Curriculum

VINCI Education expanded its offering by launching the Elementary series of its real-time, data-enabled Math Curriculum. The curriculum, sequenced to break down the Common Core requirements to small steps, includes a series of immersive game-based content for instructional and reinforcement learning.

Summer school goes beyond remedial classes

Summer school is differing greatly from district to district in Connecticut. Some districts, like Newtown, offer more traditional remedial summer school courses, but others, including Danbury and Bethel, have expanded their offerings to include a Wilderness Survival course or classes that qualify students for more advanced courses in the fall.

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Philadelphia recommends closing charter schools as of July

Philadelphia's charter school office is recommending that Walter D. Palmer Leadership Learning Partners Charter School's two campuses be shut down as of July 1. Problems include declining test scores, a $3 million general fund deficit and failure of its associated foundation to maintain its nonprofit status.

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JASON curricula enahnces with Virtual Connections through Nepris

A new partnership between Nepris and JASON Learning will enable K12 students taking part in the JASON Learning STEM curricula to virtually connect with science experts and bring them into their classrooms through online interactive sessions.