Administrator Profile

Administrator Profile

Jesse Gonzales, superintendent, Compton (Calif.) Unified School District: Peacemaker and innovator

Southern Passions

This Atlanta superintendent doesn't need research to tell her all students can achieve-she's living

Fulfilling Her Mother's Dream

The progress in this Hamilton City, Ohio, district led to kudos from President Bush.

Scores Are Up, Dismay is Down

Determination brought this low-achieving district to new heights

Hard-working and Homegrown

This superintendent is reaping the harvest from the hard work he sowed in the last decade.

A Quiet Storm Brings Change

This North Carolina superintendent boosted the achievements of minorities, in part, by creating need

Leading Sensibly

This California superintendent uses a measured approach to education while creating highperforming s

Catalyst for Action

This superintendent took over a high-performing districts and - by turning their plans into action -

Hostage Negotiator becomes Superintendent

From college dropout to volunteer worker in the Mideast to hostage negotiator, this superintendent c